Production Information, Tender Process & Construction Phase

A wide variety of information will be required to be produced prior to building work commencing.  These include a set of building regulations drawings which need to be approved by the Local Authority Building Control, detailed construction drawings, schedules and notices.

We can help you select suitable builders, obtain appropriate prices for construction, monitor progress and standards, supervise on site, liaise with other specialists and oversee the construction through to successful completion.

Depending on the nature of the project it may be necessary to send your project out to tender allowing construction companies to bid to undertake work on your project.  We can prepare all the necessary information for tender, however you may already have a builder or company in mind and we can work with them on your project.

We can also recommend companies that we have worked with successfully in past.

We offer a full contract administration and can assist with further detailed drawings or providing additional information your building contractor may require.

Once your project has been completed by the building contractor, we will inspect and identify any defects with the building, known as ‘snagging’.